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The beginning

In 1956, Frank Vaccaro, the dashing young son of Sicilian immigrants and Angelina (Linda), his beautiful immigrant wife from Alberona, Italy, started selling pizzas out of their neighborhood beverage shop in Akron. They became business owners through Frank's entrepreneurship, Linda's Italian cooking and two $500 loans from close friends.

Quickly, they grew out of the beverage shop space and purchased a small building across the street and accordingly named it, Vaccaro's Restaurant. Through sacrifice, risk-taking, and a lot of hard work they grew from that small space on Arlington Street to six restaurants around Akron. Also known as Mr. and Mrs. V, Frank and Linda truly achieved the American dream.

The original Vaccaro’s Location-circa 1957



The Vaccaro's Restaurant of yesteryear became Vaccaro’s Trattoria of today. Located in Bath, Ohio the business stayed in the family and the reins were handed over to Frank and Linda's son Raphael. He took the traditional Italian fare to a new level, while still embracing the history, flavors, recipes, and traditions that his mother had brought from Italy. Raphael also had a passion for wine and placed an emphasis on building an outstanding wine list for The Trattoria. He regularly hosts wine tasting dinners with renowned winemakers from around the world. These nuances earned the praises of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines (voted a Top 10 Restaurant in Ohio, December 2007); Restaurant Hospitality magazine (third place, International Wine List category, 2007); and Wine Spectator magazine (Award of Excellence).


The food

Remaining true to our Italian heritage.

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